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  • 2022-07-01


High Voltage Heat Tracing Cables

Axon' 開發了高性能加熱電纜,可防止在石油和天然氣長管道內形成蠟和水合物。這項最新技術是避免流體管線堵塞和系統癱瘓的理想解決方案。Axon' 設計的高壓伴熱電纜能夠滿足最苛刻的要求:深水條件,包括高水壓、高電壓操作和高溫(超過200°C)

Axon' has developed high performance heating cables which prevent the formation of wax and hydrates inside oil and gas long pipelines. This recent technology is an ideal solution to avoid blockages in the flowlines and system shut-downs. High voltage heat tracing cables engineered by Axon’ are able to meet the most demanding requirements: deep water conditions including high pressure, high voltage operating and high temperatures (over 200°C)




大電流和柔軟性,這些是 Flexforce™ 柔性電力電纜和電纜組件能夠滿足的應用要求,包括風力發電或洋流發電。

High current capacity and flexibility. These are requirements that Flexforce™ Flexible power cables and cable assemblies are able to meet for applications including wind power or marine current power.



Axon' Cable’s expertise in cabling engineering

Axon' Cable是互連系統領域的世界領導者。公司擅長設計和生產電線、電纜、線束、連接器和集成系統,適用于石油和天然氣、航空、軍事、航天、醫療電子、研究中心、汽車和消費電子等高科技市場的苛刻應用。

Axon' 的工程師配備了最新的模擬仿真軟件和聯合設計工具,可在產品開發的每個階段幫助客戶。億訊集團每年將 10% 的營業額投入到研發中,創新顯然是推動其發展的動力。

Axon' Cable is a world leader in interconnect systems. The company excels in the design and manufacture of wires, cables, harnesses, connectors and integrated systems for demanding applications in high technology markets such as oil & gas, aeronautics, military, space, medical electronics, research centers, automotive and consumer electronics.

Axon' Cable’s engineers are equipped with the latest simulation and co-design tools to assist customers at every stage of the development of a product. With an annual investment of 10% of its turnover into Research & Development, innovation is clearly what drives the Axon' Cable Group.



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