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Axon' 高溫線

  • 2022-06-29


High temperature resistance

石油和天然氣勘探需要耐高溫。而Axon' Cable 是微型氟塑料電線的專家,制造用于溫度探測的熱電偶電纜 ,而且對于在高溫下運行的設備,可提供耐 -90°C 至 + 260°C 溫度范圍的電纜,其中Flexforce™ 柔性電力電纜和電纜組件能夠滿足風力發電和洋流發電的要求。 從防水圓形電纜到管道加熱電纜,都是法國億訊集團提供的量身定制的解決方案。

Oil and gas exploration requires resistance to high temperatures. Axon' Cable manufactures thermocouple cables for temperature probes. For devices operating at high temperatures, the company, expert in miniature Fluor-based wires, offers cables resistant to temperatures ranging from -90°C to + 260°C. Flexforce™ Flexible power cables and cable assemblies are able to meet requirements of wind power and marine current power. From watertight round cables to pipeline heating cables, the French group offers tailor-made solutions.



Corrosion resistance

Axon' Cable 設計的復合電纜由特殊絕緣材料制成,具有出色的耐腐蝕性環境(油、溶劑、化學品、磨損等), 可以為井下應用提供由雙絞線、屏蔽、高柔性、電源或同軸電纜制成的電纜組合。

Composite cables designed by Axon' Cable are made with special insulating materials with outstanding resistance to aggressive environments (oil, solvents, chemicals, abrasion, etc). Combinations of cables made of twisted pairs, shielded, high-flex, power or coaxial cables can be offered for down hole applications.



Radiation resistance

Axon' Cable已經開發出能夠抵抗輻射和高溫的電線和電纜。采用ETFE和聚酰亞胺等不同材料絕緣,可用于核電廠的儀表、控制和傳感器電纜。

Axon' Cable has developed wires and cables able to resist radiation and high temperatures. Insulated with different materials including ETFE and polyimide, they can be used as instrumentation, control and sensor cables in nuclear plants.



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