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同軸電纜是用于信號傳輸的電纜,主要用于有線電視線路、數字通信、設備間信號傳輸等場景,其核心指標為特性阻抗和衰減,并且許多國家編制了對應的產品標準,規定同軸電纜的材料、結構和指標。億訊經過了多年的發展,具備了滿足全球市場同軸電纜的生產能力。例如美國標準MIL-C-17的RG系列以及法國標準NF-C-93550的KX系列等歐美地區標準的同軸電纜。這些同軸電纜具有低衰減、高阻抗的優點,已經在VALEO、IHEP、Corrosion Radar Ltd.、Semitronix等國內外客戶得到了廣泛的應用。

Coaxial cable is used for signal transmission, mainly used in cable TV lines, digital communication, signal transmission between equipment and other scenarios, its core indicators are characteristic impedance and attenuation, and many countries have formulated the corresponding product standards, specifying the material, structure and indicators of coaxial cable. After years of development, Axon’ has the ability to produce coaxial cable to meet the global market. For example, American standard MIL-C-17 RG series and French standard NF-C-93550 KX series and other European and American standard coaxial cable. These coaxial cables have the advantages of low attenuation and high impedance, and have been widely used by domestic and foreign customers such as VALEO, IHEP, Corrosion Radar Ltd., Semitronix

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